On Friday 25th of November The BPPA held its Annual General Meeting. These events are often a little dull – being mainly concerned with approving accounts, electing a few people to a few jobs and then having a few drinks. This year’s AGM was very different. Sure, we agreed our accounts and yes we re-appointed our various officers but we also saw not one, not two but TEN new members appointed to the association’s Board.

Instead of a meeting that nobody wants to prolong because it gets in the way of socialising,  this years’s AGM was full of passion, debate and ideas.

Our constitution allows us to have as many or as few Board members as we wish but it is a strong signal that The BPPA is thriving when so many people hold their hands up and want to get involved. It also means that we have plenty of fresh talent wanting get involved – so many of whom are from what you could delicately call a younger generation of frontline press photographers than the existing Board.

Of course the main business of the evening came under “any other business” and it was to discuss the Leveson Inquiry and what we should do about it. Well, we have a plan – possibly more cunning than anything either Baldrick or Blackadder ever came up with – which has started to take shape with our request to take part in the Inquiry as either Core Participants and/or to give evidence.

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